Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shark Cages for Alligator Infested Productions?

The Paxtons and crew at Myakka River Deep Hole
Who do you turn to when your production needs top of the line shark cages to explore a really deep hole in Florida?

Oh, and did we mention said deep hole is absolutely infested with very big American Alligators?

If you're the Paxton Brothers you turn to Shark Diver in Florida because when it comes to shark cages for exploration and productions we're pretty much Florida's only source for big shark cage systems.

The cage system we sent over has been used by the Mythbusters, featured in several shark commercials, and most recently in the Bahamas at Tiger Beach.

For the Myakka River Deep Hole Expedition they needed the best and they got it and we were proud to help in the small way we did.

Kudos to the entire team for a first class discovery, cannot wait to see the final product.