Thursday, September 8, 2011

White Shark Cage Diving Guadalupe - 2011 Reviews

Morley Armstrong is one lucky Canadian. His wife called us in 2010 wanting to send her husband on an "Adventure of a Lifetime".

The trick was we had to keep this a secret from Morley until the last minute!

We happen to loves wives like Morley's.

They know their husbands, choose their shark diving companies wisely and deliver the goods.

Here's the email we got back from our newly minted Shark Diver Morley this week, and if we say so ourselves, she chose very wisely indeed:


Having just returned from Guadalupe, I wanted to share my impressions of the expedition with you. In all aspects the trip was superb!

Most importantly, my cage buddies and I saw several different sharks each day. In accordance with and Horizon philosophy, it was incredible to see these amazing sharks demonstrating their natural behavior.

However, the highlight was when Shredder, arguably the most famous of the Guadalupe sharks, appeared on the second day; he did not disappoint!

For approximately an hour he exhilarated us all by getting close up and personal with the boat and cages. He provided some fantastic photos and video footage, both from within the cages and aboard the boat.

The crew of the Horizon was professional, safety conscious, accommodating, very knowledgeable about the sharks, and downright fun. It was reassuring to see the excellent relationship they have with the local research scientist, and the overall love and concern they have for all sharks.

Patric, the trip lived up to all my expectations; thanks!

Morley Armstrong
Ontario, Canada