Monday, November 8, 2010

The Elevator Shark Pitch

And we'll be hiring Marisa next week to work for us, fun video, fine elevator pitch:

RTSea Blog Three Part Series - The Emancipation of Data

As media producer, filmmaker, and marcomm consultant, Richard Theiss has provided high definition images for broadcast networks and non-profits in addition to developing and implementing marketing strategies for multi-billion dollar corporations.

From sweeping Arctic vistas to pensive human interaction to the power of the great white shark, Richard Theiss/RTSea adheres to the principle of "Making the Message Matter."

This week Richard posted an in depth three part series on Science and Media Communications. Creating a the bridge between science and the public.

Science and Media Communications: turning data into enlightenment - Part 1 of 3

Science and Media Communications: turning data into enlightment - Part 2 of 3

Science and Media Communications: turning data into enlightenment, Part 3 of 3

Top 10 Adventures added your friendly neighbourhood shark diving company to its hallowed Top Ten Adventures list this week:

Imagine the Thrill
Dare to overcome three fears all at once: swimming in deep water... while submerged in an enclosed cage... in shark-infested waters. While some might consider the scenario more of a nightmare than an adventure, shark diving often jolts participants' adrenaline in ways few other thrills can. Facing some of Mother Nature's fiercest predators up close in their raw habitat obliterates your sense of comfort at the top of the food chain.

Make the Adventure
Two of America's most popular destinations for shark diving are off the coasts of Oahu's North Shore, with a few expeditions leaving from Haleiwa (pronounced ha-lay-AY-vuh), Hawaii, and northern Baja California, with companies like Shark Diver disembarking from San Diego (and also offering expeditions to see the "red demon" giant squids of Mexico). You can go shark-cage diving with little or no scuba experience, depending on the type of cage (whether sunken, floating or affixed), but newbies usually just need to attend a cage-diving orientation. Special certification might be required to go diving near great white sharks.

Shark-Human Interactions – Aggression?

If you want to fully understand our continued support for Beqa Adventure Divers in Fiji it has a lot to do with Da Shark and his in depth look at the fundamentals of our industry covering topics that get almost zero coverage elsewhere.

This week was a fine example.

Da Shark on Human-Shark Interaction:

One of the most frequent questions our customers ask is whether our Sharks are aggressive.

Our standard answer is to tell them that in our experience, they are not aggressive as in wanting to bite us but rather, that they may sometimes be assertive, meaning that some will try and barge in to get some food and that in doing so, they may display a degree of posturing.

Granted our definition may be threading a very fine line – but words are powerful and we want to steer the conservation away from the usual stereotypes and towards a more neutral mindset.

Complete Post.

Image by Christy Fisher