Monday, October 24, 2011

"We Don't Wanna Hurt Ya" - Cute, Virally So

If cute had a name, it would reside here with this little video. Thanks to Amanda Cotton for the video discovery and to the 7 year old who came up with this concept.

We're seeing a Shark Emmy for this one:

Exploring the limits of biochemical madness, one bubble of CO2 at a time

Shark Diver Labs 2011 TM
Here at the Shark Diver Labs we have been tinkering with biochemical frontiers.

You might think that that sounds "a bit wonky" coming from a shark diving company but ever since our foray last year into big biochem and the Gulf Oil Spill the basic tenants of biochemical reactions and what they can do for us has stuck around.

This month we're tinkering again with "fundamental creation" and producing what we think might be a hit on the West Coast. What it is we cannot say, just yet. We can say that the basic reactions are happening, all the right elements are in play and this week we watched the first bubbles of creation burst forth.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Like the guys at the CERN reactor in Europe, they don't know what they are doing either, but they have the equipment, the theory, and the drive. We do too and hopefully we'll have something groundbreaking to report in a few weeks from now: