Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Inglorious End of iDive Sharks?

One of the smartest communication platforms for the global shark diving community resides at iDive Sharks.

The creator, Mark Thorpe, has spent the last few years in development and launch phase of this unique community and now needs your help.

It would appear that only a few companies and individuals have "stepped up" with the paltry asking fees to keep iDive alive.

Yes, Shark Diver was one of those supporters.

Why you ask?

Folks, it just does not get any better than this, and we don't think there will ever be another broad based Internet platform for shark divers worldwide to rise again if this one goes dark.

iDive represents an evolution away from an industry of tribal affiliations and small time regional recognition to something bigger, grander, and more inclusive.

So what's the hold up? A dollar a month? To keep Internet servers alive?

Let's not see this unique and inspired industry development go to waste, out of 1200 members, we can do better than the 35 who have answered the call and who see the vision.

Join and support iDive today because our industry needs to grow up, and sometimes having your own clubhouse to share visions, images, experiences, and industry developments is where it starts to happen.