Monday, June 16, 2008

6 Meter White Shark?

Found on You Tube a 6 meter great white shark shot near Enderby Island in the sub-Antarctic:

Shark Conspiracies-The Real Deal?

An interesting look at sharks, shark diving and commentary on both with podcast host Kevin Harris of Shark Conspiracies .

For the past year Kevin has kept a growing legion of shark fans updated on monthly shark news worldwide.

He posits the following thought this month:

"Are the surfers killed by sharks in the last few months around the coastal town of Zihuatanejo the result of bodies dumped into the ocean by Mexican Mafia?"

One things for sure Shark Conspiracies always keeps the listener interested.

"Cowboy" Shark Operations Feared in New Zealand

Further details from this weeks commercial shark diving uncertainty in New Zealand.

The opposition to cage diving at this new site stems not from ecological concerns rather from the fear of "Cowboy Operations".

This growing concern is worldwide and one more argument against the sport wherein some operations "push the limits" with animals that eventually "push back".

Sadly, and we have blogged about this in depth on a number of occasions, many shark diving operators fail to realize their local shark diving activities play into a much larger industry worldwide.

What happens in South Africa, Australia, Bahamas, Guadalupe and other places resonates with the fears and prejudices of sites yet to be explored. Such is the case in New Zealand at the moment.

The Solution?

Shark Diving New Zealand-Hold On a Sec!

Last week we blogged about a new commercial white shark venture in New Zealand.

For almost 72 hours it looked like this was going to be one of the most exciting and new developments in commercial shark diving since the "discovery" of Isla Guadalupe almost 8 years ago.

Now, members of the anti-shark diving lobby-they have no office just a bunch of old musty data-has announced the desire to stop shark diving in Fovereaux Strait.

It always starts with a scientist and some data that may or may not show a change in white shark behaviour with the addition of commercial vessels.

What is needed now is the data from a 5 year study on "chum habituation" done by Rodney Fox in South Australia. His data is fresh and definitive. In the meantime we'll hold our breath for the New Zealand site.

Good luck boys!