Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Australia - No to cull, yes to text?

Shredder says "thanks mates!"
Just when you thought the voices of reason had fled Australian politics and the Fox News "Shark Attack Media Machine" had dealt another blow to our favorite shark species, a reprieve, and some good news.

As it turns out and after some soul searching done at the end of a double barrel of worldwide outrage regional politicians in charge of a proposed white shark cull have walked back their position opting instead for a $14 million dollar pre-emptive shark warning system that also includes a SMS system that would alert ocean users of tagged sharks movements.

Is this a good plan?

Hell yes it is, and some kudos to be sent to the many emaillers, letter writers and media placers who gave those with the pen in government an earful.

Protected sharks need to stay that way, and if you want to stop shark attacks, stop humans from using the places where white shark congregate, like, um, Rottnest Island during certain months of the year.

Just our two cents in a debate that has already enjoyed enough coinage for one year already.