Sunday, March 29, 2009

Q and A with Shark Diver - The Reef Tank

From time to time we do online interviews with unique websites.

Last week it was with The Reef Tank a website and online community devoted to the world of aquaria. Online articles allow us as a company to expand on who we are outside of our own website, and introduce others, who are perhaps not as understanding of our industry to a view of it.

Working with The Reef Tank crew was fun and kudos to Ava for reaching out. You may want to check this site out. It's in-depth look at the world of aquaria covers everything from fish to the marine geology of tanks - until last week we had no idea there was even such a thing marine geology in fish tanks.

This is definitely not your fathers goldfish bowl website.

Online Article

Hot Manta Passion - Warning Graphic

It had to happen, eventually. Since 2000 the numbers of divers entering the ocean with cameras has grown exponentially. Thus the chance encounter with two animals enjoying a "moment of bliss" was bound to happen. In this case, turns out these critters are even more graceful when caught in flagrante delicto:

This video footage shows the mating and copulation of manta rays (manta birostris). Shot in HDV 1080i in Rangiroa, French Polynesia. It is the first time that such behavior was filmed in wildlife.

Further information also

Port St.Johns Beach SA - Shark Solutions

With another fatal attack attributed to Zambezi sharks in Port St.John SA, the question of nets vs nets is becoming almost inevitable.

We blogged about this a few months back after the first fatal attack with some viable solutions.

Regional tourism is important to local communities, unfortunately when sharks attack swimmers at regional beaches sharks become the target. As we pointed out back in early February there are inexpensive and viable solutions to the wholesale killing of animals at this site. Understanding and political will help move the conversation forward.

Let's hope calmer heads prevail.