Friday, August 27, 2010

Corkscrew Killers Wine Challenge - Gauntlet Picked Up in U.K

Our Transoceanic Wine Challenge to U.K researchers working on the Corkscrew Killer Mystery has been picked up this week.

With a twist.

From an undisclosed and secret research lab location in the U.K this morning:

Hi Shark Divers,

Well, you have thrown the gauntlet and we have picked it up! Good idea!

We will keep you informed of any progress we make.
One issue you might consider is whether there are two different causes in the two areas. We have always agreed that some of the Canadian animals were definitely taken by sharks, without any doubt.

We do not believe any of the UK seals were and we very strongly suspect that some of the Canadian seals were not, either.
Just want to make absolutely clear where we are right now, with nothing hiding behind curtains to be revealed in the future!

All the best and thanks for the continued interest, it really helps us!

With a bottle of fine wine at stake we're pretty sure The Corkscrew Killer is in fact largely a shark based phenomenon based on the two images presented in this post. The first image is Sable Island, Canada and a fresh kill from 2002/3.

The second image here is purported to be from a recent 2010 Corkscrew Killer death in the U.K.

The similarities are striking with only the fat layer being removed from both animals and a head to mid thorax spin as the Corkscrew Killer removes the fat leaving behind exposed rib and lean muscle tissue.

But what of the U.K teams admission that some but not all of Sable Islands Corkscrewed seals are taken by sharks?

Curious indeed, making the Corkscrew Killer Mystery an enduring one and begging the question, what mechanical variables exist on both the shores of the U.K and the extremely remote Sable Island?

Time for the reveal. Apparently the U.K team is close to providing the proof of the Corkscrew Killers origins in the U.K.

A signed bottle of 2005 Floodplain Proprietors Red wine from Napa Valley in California awaits their findings....or perhaps not.

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