Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrity Sharks Cages in Florida?

 Hell yeah, if the Shark Brothers have anything to do with it, and they do.

Hang on to your hats kids, get ready to be amazed and strap in because the Guy Harvey Catch and Release Shark Tournament is back in town and this time it's bigger than ever.

I know we said that about last years event, but this time it is even bigger than ever.

We remember back to the early days, the raised eyebrows, the not so discreet emails flying about, and hey what about that bunch of sharkies lurking at that picnic table? You guys still around? No?

Glad to see even the most hardened of you out there finally "get" what this grand experiment was all about, and thanks to MOTE Marine Labs for the support as well.

So here's to the third installment, the shark fishing madness, and to a new way of doing business for shark tournaments all over the world.

Oh, and yes we hear tell there will be a Celebrity Shark Cage on site, donated by the friendly shark folks from Shark Diver. Yes we have been fans, supporters and the kind of shark folks that like to see those who take big risks, those who try new things, those who are truly fearless when it comes to helping out shark friends.

You may not think a shark fishing tournament could help, but it does, and it sure beats a bunch of dead sharks on a town dump.

See you in Florida!

Sea of Cortez White Shark Massacre?

Pete Thomas is reporting another massive white shark taken in the Sea of Cortez this week, leaving many within the shark community asking, "what's going on?"

From the looks of things we would estimate this animal to be at least 15 feet long at the time of capture perhaps even larger making this another titan of the region and another great loss to breeding stocks.


Laguna Beach, CA (April 25, 2012) – After returning from a trip to Loreto, Erik Cutter,  Managing Director of EnviroIngenuity, reported gruesome stories about the killing of numerous Great White Sharks off Isla Ildefonso an island located just north of Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Isla Ildefonso is about 40 miles north of Loreto, six miles north of Punta Pulpito and east of Bahia Concepcion at 26°38'N, 111°26'W. It is a steep and barren island and it is known for big fish, large pelagics and untouched dive sites.

"Commercial fishing has become so difficult in the Sea of Cortez that several of the few remaining commercial fisherman are so desperate that they are now targeting the ocean’s greatest predator, the Great White Shark," he said. "According to a very reliable source, at least thirteen mature Great Whites between 16 and 22 feet long, some estimated to weigh more than 2, 200 pounds, are being slaughtered for their fins and their jaws."

Cutter is also publisher of Baja Life Magazine and an avid fisherman for over 35 years in Baja California. He learned that the sharks are baited with a large dead fish such as a yellowtail with barrels attached so that the shark eventually drowns. Once they retrieve the shark, some of which are still barely alive, they are beaten to death with a bat, then finned and carved up for their jaws. The jaws reportedly fetch $1,500 each and are being sold by the local fisherman.

“The economic reasons are obvious, but certainly, they don’t justify the indiscriminate and illegal killing of these amazing sharks,” said Cutter. “I am very upset by this because I have worked for many years to educate local fisherman to protect their fishery, one that Jacques Cousteau once called, ‘The Aquarium of the World’."

The Loreto-based non-profit, Eco-Alianza Loreto, also encourages local fisherman and teaches youth to protect what they have left of their critical marine resources. Unfortunately, lack of enforcement by federal officials and the poor economy are driving fisherman to this destructive extreme.

About EnviroIngenuity

EnviroIngenuity was founded in 2009 by Erik Cutter. The company is comprised of forward-thinking professionals, whose goal is to take advantage of the growing demand for more efficient, cost effective sustainable energy solutions, employing solar PV, hi-efficiency LED lighting, green building and hydroponic vertical food production technologies.  EnviroIngenuity’s mission is "advancingreenergy" and reducing waste, thus better utilizing limited natural resources. As we invest in a lower carbon future, the EnviroIngenuity team is focused on helping organizations move forward to deploy sustainable energy solutions using disruptive technologies.