Thursday, May 5, 2011

Industry Under Siege - Gotcha Reporting from Australia?

And the award for "Garbage Driven, Lowest Common Denominator Gotcha Media" goes go...Anthony Hoy Media, for his two part expose on the shark diving industry this week.

Here we go again, when some like Mr.Media Hoy decide to cover our industry nothing good comes of it because folks like Mr.Hoy are ratings driven, not fact driven.

Of course there's no mention by Mr.Hoy of any of the pro-industry research studies about commercial shark diving in this two part bacchanalia of moronic quotes and broad based assumptions concerning sharks, shark behavior, and the global shark diving industry.

In fact not one current study cited at all, and this is what passes for journalism in Australia?

Could we expect anything less from a paunchy over-the-hill reporter attempting to make a name for himself as his career flat lines?

Anthony Hoy, reporting from the Neptune Islands, off Port Lincoln, South Australia, shows graphic Great White Shark footage that brings into question whether cage shark diving operations are training Great Whites to associate boating activity and related noise with feeding, and are therefore increasing the incidence of shark attack.

Favorite Anthony Hoy Reporter Quote: "Are your bait-and-trained sharks more dangerous, more antagonistic, and more likely to attack when not fed?"

Note: Anthony Hoy contacted us today demanding that we post the second part of his two part expose. We declined, citing the fact we thought his work was absolute trash and refused to give him or his attempts at gotcha media any more attention than it already had.

Anthony Hoy's Response?

"I'll do my own posts, pointing out what a half-baked operation you run
. You talk about balance, you halfwit....there's plenty of balance in the piece I've referred to, which you're too biased to run."

Really classy reporter, so glad he's in the media.

For the industry members he slandered this week we're pretty sure they're not so pleased.

Big Whites Down South - New Video

If you want to know where to find white sharks always ask the local fishermen, in this case a sizable animal makes an appearance in the Southern hemisphere last week: