Friday, January 18, 2008

Life of Brian:Not the "Peoples Judean Front"

The Advertiser--Seal Recovers From Shark Attack.

An emaciated seal pup named "Brian" by his care givers washed up on the shores of Gleelong, Australia (where else?) this week. The pup was attacked by a shark and starved for three days on the beach while his wounds became infected.

Luckily, plucky "Brian" was discovered on Indented Head beach and concerned beach-goers contacted Leopold Wildlife Shelter and Wildlife Rescue Service. Think Steve Irwin in even tighter shorts.

Wildlife angels David and Helen Burrell swooped in and picked up the emaciated seal a week ago and have given him around-the-clock care since. Mr Burrell said the seal, which they christened "Brian", was "very lucky''.

Here's the whole story and a bonus video from Monty Pythons "Life of Brian":