Friday, November 12, 2010

Bimini Bay Resort Joins Shark-Free Marinas

Bimini, Bahamas – Bimini Bay Resort announced its voluntary participation as the third marina resort in Bimini to join the Shark-Free Marina Initiative ( whose purpose is to focus on the importance of reducing worldwide shark mortality. Bimini Bay Resort now prohibits the landing of sharks at its marinas and pledges to work in tandem with its sport fishermen to develop protocols under which threatened species of shark are permitted to recover and replenish their populations. As a leading employer of Biminites on the island, Bimini Bay will work to create and enforce community-conscious awareness of the need to protect Bimini’s sharks and waters. “One of our main focuses in 2011 will be to encourage responsible use of our ocean,” stated Rafael Reyes, President of Bimini Bay Resort.

The Shark Free Marina Initiative works with marinas, fishermen and non-profit groups to formulate community conscious policies and to increase awareness of the need to protect sharks. Currently 60 to 100 million sharks are slaughtered worldwide each year, which in turn poses a serious threat to the health of the earth’s oceans. Over the last five years, the United States recreational fishery has harvested an average of 500,000 sharks per year.

Bimini Bay’s participation in the Shark-Free Marina Initiative takes the Bimini
Islands unanimously one step closer to this marina initiative; a boon to the shark populations of the area and to the Bimini Biological Station. Bimini is home to healthy shark populations and to the Bimini Biological Field Station. Informally known as the Shark lab, the Bimini Biological Field Station on South Bimini is a world-renowned research facility whose subjects of study are the many species of sharks in the unique habitat of the Bimini’s North Sound and Bimini’s surrounding waters.

~ Bimini Bay Resort and Marina~
The island of Bimini offers jet-setters and boaters an unparalleled vacation experience at the island’s first four-star luxury vacation resort, located just 48 miles off the shore of South Florida. The ideal setting for a destination wedding, honeymoon or corporate retreat, anyone seeking a unique getaway can appreciate exceptional suite accommodations designed to provide families with ultimate comfort and space. All suites feature kitchens with granite countertops and contemporary designs with beach-chic d├ęcor and breathtaking views of the Atlantic or Bimini Bay. The resort’s marketplace at Fisherman’s Village offers a complimentary children’s activity center with year-round activities and camps. Other amenities include water sports, an infinity
pool, gourmet cuisine, two marinas--one accommodating mega yachts--and beach and poolside massage services. For more information or for reservations, please visit or call (242) 347-2900.

~About the Island of Bimini~
Proud Island of the Bahamas: The island of Bimini is located 48 miles east of South Florida, where the Gulf Stream meets the Great Bahama Bank. Bimini is heralded for its infamous flats fishing, offshore fishing and diving. Discovered in the 1500’s by Ponce de Leon in his quest for the Fountain of Youth, this colorful island’s abundance of unspoiled island views and emerald waters continues to attract yachting and water-sport enthusiasts searching for a relaxing haven that offers something for the entire in Cigar Aficionado Magazine

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