Friday, October 12, 2012

First Titanic Fall Female at Guadalupe 2012!

We had another great trip then again they are all great but this one was special.

After a relatively calm crossing we arrived at Guadalupe to a beautiful sunrise.
On our first day of shark diving, we saw 4 different individual sharks. Max, Mau, Johnny and a young male shark we first saw earlier in the season.

Day 2 brought  7 known sharks, Bruce, Jaques, Chugey, Gianna, Smiles and Bite Face, along with 4 others that we didn't get a good enough look at to identify them.
We saw our first big female of the season! Bella, a massive female showed up on our last day at Guadalupe and thrilled our divers with a couple of very close passes.
Our way back was exceptionally smooth and we are back in sunny San Diego.

Martin Graf
Dive Operations Manager Horizon Charters

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