Friday, May 16, 2008

Cage diving doesn't make sharks aggressive

In a landmark study South African researchers have come to some startling conclusions about cage diving, bio attractant and great whites.

As a shark diving company who's crews spend hundreds of hours observing these animals on site each season-the conclusions from South Africa are what we have come to suspect for a few years now...white sharks and cage diving do not equal "killer sharks".

This study also backs up a 4-5 year study done by Rodney Fox in Australia to answer similar bio attractant questions at his white shark site.

The white shark tagging and tracking efforts of CICIMAR's Mauricio Hoyos at Isla Guadalupe has uncovered similar data-although his project was not directed specifically at the chumming issue.

White Sharks+Inflatable Boat=Not a Good Idea

What happens when you get hired to tow a dead Blue Whale carcass off the coast of California in an inflatable vessel?

1. You attract a Great White shark

2. You attract another Blue Whale

3. The Great White you attract decides to "sample and deflate" part of your vessel

If you answered three you get to watch this video. Lesson for the day, if you happen to own an inflatable vessel, never deploy it in white shark rich waters. Of course there are those who would disagree: