Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Bamahas West End - We're Thinking of You

If Hurricane Irene models are correct the next 24 hours will be a rough one for the good folks in Freeports West End.

Freeport is especially dear to us because we stage all of our Tiger shark diving operations from this wonderful island and from the West Ends Old Bahamas Bay Resort and Marina.

We made a choice a few years ago to have divers fly to the island and spend time at the resort to put back into the Bahamas economy, suffering from one of the worst tourism downturns in recorded memory.

This week the Bahamas will suffer another hit. Hopefully it will be a glancing blow from a Cat 2-3 hurricane and our hopes and prayers are with the people of Freeport and the local business folks who we have come to know.

Hang in there guys we're looking forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks.

Let us know what we can do to help!


Patric Douglas CEO

Isla Guadalupe 2011 White Shark Season - Quick Report

With our first few expedition trips away to Isla Guadalupe this season divers are writing back to update us on their experiences. Chuck lives in Arizona and when not diving with sharks he's usually found whitewater rafting.

Chuck and his cousin Georgene are now "Official Shark Divers" having spent the last three days in the company of our wonderful white sharks at Isla Guadalupe and witnessing first hand white sharks jumping clear out of the water right next to our boat.

We call it a shark breach, Chuck calls it amazing:

This is from an Arizona desert rat who never ventured deeper than the shallow end of the swimming pool.

First day on Guadalupe the sharks circled the boat and you could hear the "Jaws" music in the background, but none came to the cages.

Next day started with a complete jump out of the water by a 15 foot plus sweetie name "Chugie" (sic) and the fun began."Chugie" gave a second jump that day... sharks o'pleanty all day. No more fins, just beautiful Great Whites coming to the cages for the next two days. Mark, the chef, put 4 pounds on me. The entire crew was fantastic and the trip will be a "bucket list" topper.

Thanks so much "Shark Diver" for a memorable and wonderful trip...CHUCK SHUMWAY