Friday, March 27, 2009

Put you off your Cioppino - Forever!

More than a right of spring, the annual Dungeness Crab feast up and down the coast of Oregon and California is a sight to behold.

We're partial to the two lb monsters that arrive in the dead of winter up in Oregon. Vessels laden down with thousands of pounds of delectable crustacia kept us slavering like idiots at the docks waving $5.00 bills at passing fishermen...until today that is.

Thanks to Underwater Times we now know that crabs feel pain, and remember things, like pain.

With the main method of crabby dispatch still the BBP or "Big Boiling Pot" this latest news is enough to put you off your Cioppino. Seriously!

Iron CO2 Experiment - Damn Copepods!

What happens when you "seed" a 300 sq km patch of ocean with iron dust?

If you're a scientist you hope it will spur on algae growth and absorb vast quantities of least that's what you hope.

Researchers in the southern ocean did just that this month and, as hoped, algae did bloom, but it was quickly digested by non CO2 absorbing Copepods and other marine life that eat algae. BBC News has some great coverage.

Now if we could only get rid of the damn Copepods with the addition of genetically modified fish?

Shark Attacks Up - So Are Swimmers

For all the anti- shark media bashing we do here - rightfully so- once in a while the major media get sharks right. Today is one of those days.

A recent study in Australia reviewing the controversial shark netting program shows shark attacks up from the 1970's by a clear 28%. Where this study is absolutely correct is to also correlate the increased numbers of swimmers in the oceans as well:

Coming after a summer that has left even the most hardened surfies asking why there have been so many attacks, the draft report stresses it is simply because the state's increasing population means more people are going into the water.

Comprehensive shark management plans begin by understanding the roles humans play in tandem with shark attacks.

Hey, didn't we just post something similar last week?

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