Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shark Trust Magazine 2010

The Shark Trust is happy to announce that the 39th issue of Shark Focus will shortly be making its way to our members.

The Shark Trust magazine is issued three times a year and contains all of the latest news in shark conservation and research. You can also find out what the Shark Trust has been up to over the past couple of months and keep informed about our latest campaigns.

Shark Focus is the perfect read for shark enthusiasts of all ages; this November issue is brimming with a range of interesting articles written by experts in the field and accompanied by some stunning photography.

In this edition, the
Scubasigns Foundation and the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme provide us with an insight into the remarkable relationship that fishermen in Indonesia share with an aggregation of Whale Sharks. We investigate why some species of shark enter into a natural state of paralysis, known as tonic immobility, learn why the Hammerhead Shark has such a bizarre shaped head and discover more about sexual segregation in Chimaera.

The fifth series of Shark HardTalk features interviews with George Burgess (from the International Shark Attack File), eco-tourism operators Chris Fallows, Mark Addison and Craig Ferreira and Shark Trust member, Danny Aslan, as Chairman Richard Peirce debates the pros and cons of the baiting, chumming and feeding of sharks.

Shark Focus 39 is guaranteed to be an exciting read!

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