Friday, September 4, 2009

Jupiter Pointe Marina - Shark Free Marina

A new addition to the Shark-Free marina registry today with the Jupiter Pointe Marina signing up on the SFMI website. Their 10 acre property is home to one of the largest indoor boat storage facilities in Florida with recent multi-million dollar renovations ensuring the quality of their facilities service.

Indoor storage is a great option for people who either only occasionally use their boats or want to keep them out of bad weather. It’s likely that some of clients may use their boats infrequently and may not be aware of the current status of the fish species they may target. All facilities like this should follow Jupiter Pointe’s example and register with SFMI, a measure that will ensure their patrons are not responsible for further decline in threatened species of sharks.

About the marina

The marina is located on the border of Palm Beach and Martin County and one mile north of the Jupiter Inlet. The Indoor boat storage is on 10-acre property, nestled on the Intracoastal waterway at marker 54. The marina is directly across from Blowing Rock Preserve on beautiful Jupiter Island, the marina is tucked away in a non-congested area with no wake or current and is protected by our own little island, which serves as a natural barrier in the basin.

Jupiter Pointe Marina is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar facelift from the ground up which include:

  • Over 700 feet of state-of-the-art floating docks
  • Six spacious haul and launch areas
  • Designated fuel dock with innovative fueling system offering high speed pumps with ethanol-free, mid-grade gasoline (REC-90), 93 percent octane gasoline and diesel fuel
  • A new dry-storage building featuring the latest in concrete “tilt-up” design which is capable of withstanding winds up to 156 mph
  • This new building will increase our indoor-boat storage facility, allowing up to an additional 200 boats, giving us a total of 600 indoor storage racks

The new indoor-boat storage building will accept boats from 25 to 45 feet in length and beams up to 15 feet. Our current dry-stack storage building can store up to 400 boats up to 30 feet in length, or up to 9-foot beams.

Are you a marina owner/manager? Follow Jupiter Pointes example and register your facility with Shark-Free Marinas today.

Want to get involved with SFMI? Visit our Regional Associates page for more info.

From Fiji - Pro Industry/Conservation Media

Imagine if the commercial shark diving world replicated this unique effort...globally. The media landscape for sharks would look a lot different one year from now.

Industry leadership begins by leading. The guys over a Beqa Adventure Divers understand this: