Monday, March 31, 2008

Global Warming-Sea Critters Pissed

It has happened again. Sea critters that are "not going to take it anymore" and have decided to jump into boats full of people!

This whole thing started almost two years ago with the now infamous news story of a Marlin impaling a fisherman.

At that time people called us crazy for suggesting that this was some kind of global warming protest on behalf of the pissed sea critters. A quick look at the past few months in the news...and who's crazy now?

1. Great White leaps aboard boat full of Germans (video)

2. Shark jumps into boat full of kids (story)

3. Eagle Ray jumps into boat killing woman (story)

4. Another Marlin jumps into boat almost kills fisherman (video)

It's a jumping critter epidemic, people. Be afraid, be very afraid.