Friday, February 17, 2012

Stoopid Shark Videos and the Stone Aging of an Industry

You gotta love the meeting place of commercial shark diving and shark conservation. On one side you actually have good and honest folks trying to persuade decision makers in governments all over the world to consider shark diving as a viable alternative to regional shark fishing.

We happen to agree with this approach and believe that a series of high profile shark sites created in tandem with NGO's around the world would benefit both local populations and shark conservation.

They use the Bahamas as a prime example and an estimated 78 million a year in tourism value for shark diving. Not bad right?

Unfortunately these folks have become the unwitting street sweepers at the end of an Elephant Parade filled with stupid shark tricks and piss poor shark protocols often highlighted with images and video that run in stark contrast to those seeking a better world for sharks.

From the Bahamas to the Red Sea we have an ongoing testosterone handling problem with sharks.

Case in point, this video, and thanks to Da Shark for the find. To the shark apologists out there, and you know who you are, the sharks in this video are not dispensing, "love taps," "shark hugs," and or "shark kisses". This is good old fashioned predatory behavior, and there's no way these folks should have been in the middle of it.

If you really care about sharks and the perception of these animals it is up to the commercial folks to ensure they have a media lock on this kind of garbage shark diving which benefits no one - especially the sharks.

Oceanic white tip shark, massive warning !!! from Ritch on Vimeo.

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