Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shark-Free Marinas - Adding 13 Marinas

The Shark-Free Marinas Initiative has just added 13 more marinas this week - more good news for Florida sharks:

Loggerhead Club and Marinas, operated by Seven Kings Holdings group, have today made a corporate decision to join Shark-Free Marinas. This means that all 13 locations are now registered with SFMI.

There will shortly be an official press release regarding this decision but we would like to extend a peremptory congratulations for being the first corporately owned chain of marinas to join SFMI.

It's not surprising that Loggerhead signed on, after all they already participate in the Florida Clean Marinas program and regularly participate in environmental programs concerning Floridas waterways.

You can see the list of their marinas in our USA business listing here.

Tagging 3000 Sharks - AU Study

Outstanding news from Australia this week as one of the largest of its kind shark tagging projects gets the green light to go ahead:

Scientists from James Cook University will carry out the three-year project, the largest of its kind carried out in 20 years, to determine how to balance shark fishing with supporting stocks in northern waters.

JCU fisheries researcher Andrew Tobin said the project was a necessary step for the long-term sustainability of both the sharks and the fishery.

"Sharks are harvested because shark fillet, often sold as flake, is an important and valuable product within the domestic seafood trade," Dr Tobin said.

Complete Story.

Corkscrew Killers Wine Challenge - GEERG Weighs In

If you want to know about the mysterious world of the Greenland Shark look no further then the fine researchers over at GEERG.

The mission of GEERG is to study the Greenland shark and other northern shark species in their natural environment. The results of our work are made available to the scientific community and to the general public, in particular to divers, academic institutions, schools and museums. Sharks are crucial to the world ocean's equilibrium.

As the prime suspect in the evolving Corkscrew Killer mystery in the U.K, the Greenland Sharks reputation might be misinterpreted, says Jeffrey Gallant, who wrote an Op Ed on the mystery back in June.

The Op Ed is a great read from a front line research team but we're still not convinced the notorious Corkscrew Killer is in fact anything but a shark.

The offer of a fine bottle of California wine still stands for proof of man made object(s) causing corkscrewed seals deaths in the U.K and Canada.

Bahamas Shark Expedition - Good Idea

With the stunning news last month that shark finning was being "looked into" by a seafood export company based in the Bahamas, a counter series of conservation media hits by Wolfgang Leander and others have been highlighting Bahamas sharks as a sustainable resource trying to fend off further shark fin discussions in the region.

Now an expedition with Dr. Guy Harvey and Jim Abernathy is providing a much needed media lift to this discussion by documenting Bahamas sharks.

Good news indeed.