Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warning Graphic Bahamas Shark Images NSFW

The following images are graphic but also serve to highlight the need for ongoing shark protections in the Bahamas. We covered this event back in 2008 and from these images created the concept behind the Shark-Free Marinas Initiative.

Fortunately there's a movement to protect Bahamian sharks with the help of Pew Trusts, the Bahamas National Trust, smaller support NGO's, and interested commercial shark diving operations.

This is why we need to protect the sharks of the Bahamas.

These images were taken in late 2007 and feature a pregnant sport caught Tiger shark with near term pups ripped from her body. This magnificent animal, the pinnacle of a healthy eco system and part of a thriving $70 million dollar Bahamian shark tourism industry, was reduced to a set of jaws - and a series of ghoulish family vacation photos: