Friday, June 13, 2008

New Zealand-Great White Shark Dive Site Opens Soon

Editors Note: This page has been removed. Shark Diver, and Shark New Zealand have removed all support and marketing efforts for the Stewart Island dive site until further notice.

Great White Shark Bahamas? Oh Yeah!

At the start of this week we got a strange email from the Bahamas a great white had washed ashore off Grand Bahama.

"Several of Unexso staff including Christina & Veronica heard about it and went out and shot the pictures below. They heard the shark was chasing bait fish and leaped out of the water landing on a shallow ledge as the tide was going out. They checked the stomach and it was empty. This happened in XXX which is the town XXX of the port on the way to XXX."

Of course we did a little digging around and it sounded like it was a great white. Without any images it was hard to make a confirmation.

Here's the confirmation (with images)

Unfortunately the locals have all but carted away 40% of this critter and the jaws.

This would be one of the rarest shark encounters of the season...too bad no one saw this shark in the ocean where it belongs.