Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shark trying to bite through steel cage?

"Watch terrifying footage of great white shark trying to bite through steel bars of diving cage"  screams the headline of the "Daily Mirror" "Open-mouthed great white shark charges unlucky cameraman" shouts the "New York Post". 

So what the heck happened? 

First off, the shark is not trying to bite through steel bars to get at the photographer. It was going after a fish head that was pulled straight over the cage (not a safe practice for a shark diving boat) and ran into the cage while doing so.  Since they don't have a reverse gear and can only swim forward, it looks like it's trying to get into the cage, when in fact it is just trying to get away.

Of course this doesn't stop tabloids like the New York Post from making statements like this "In a scene straight out of “Jaws,” the open-mouthed great white clamps down on the cage with its razor sharp teeth just inches away from Bray’s camera."

The "Daily Mirror" tries to put a conservation spin on the story  by saying "The great white shark and many other shark species are under threat, so research into their breeding habits can help come up with scientific solutions to the problems surrounding their possible extinction. 

The main problem is education, most people have grown up thinking sharks are dangerous and scary, and we have Stephen Spielberg's 'Jaws' to thank for that. Yes that, and your stupid headline "Watch terrifying footage of great white shark trying to bite through steel bars of diving cage"  

We at Shark Diver specialize in "Safe and Sane" conservation shark diving. We respect the sharks and try to show them for what they really are. Awesome predators that don't need to be feared, but respected.

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Martin Graf
CEO Shark Diver
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