Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Speaking of Numbers...Here's 100,000

As the CEO of a shark diving company I noticed with a smile (on the way to the airport) last week that my once new 2005 Toyota 4Runner was about to turn over 100,000 miles.

For some of you 100,000 is a commute number, something to be dreaded. Let me tell you why I was smiling.

This car and the high mileage on it is a testament to current technology and the application of it which leads to my ability to "live a life".

Almost every mile on that car tells a story. Fly-fishing on Oregon's Hood River, three trips down to Baja, Mexico. Hiking and fly-fishing elusive and stunning Golden Trout at 13,000 on the flanks of Mt. Whitney in the Eastern Sierras. Biking down Mt.Tam, camping with bears on Mt. Hood, many trips to the Monterey Aquarium and of course shark diving in San Diego.

Technology-the ability to have a virtual office in almost any place has allowed me and this car to put on some serious miles. Back in the 1990's people needed offices, they needed fax machines, they needed to be grounded. That meant commutes, office managers, and an absolute devotion to the precious "weekend".

Today with PDA's and iPhones you can be almost anywhere and still have a total office. It may surprise you to know I have booked whole boat charters on the Truckee River, complete with paperwork and payments and no one knew the difference or even cared. Our divers were happy, I was happy. If I was in a cell dead space, the phone clicked over to another staffer who could handle the call and answer all the questions...automatically.

What that meant to me, my dog Sierra, and my Toyota 4Runner was another 550 miles of breathtaking backcountry and a big fat 20 inch wild run rainbow hen who came hand after a soft sip on a #18 mayfly imitation-and a terrific fight (I let her go after the photo finish).

The point is simple. If you are someone with a great big office-get out. Get right with the tools to set you free and go and be free. I will look forward to hearing your own 100,000 email story in two years or less. If you have the tools and the love of outdoors and travel, it shouldn't take that long.

Patric Douglas CEO

Palladium Neodymium-Hope For Sharks

What you are looking at may just save millions of sharks in the coming years. Researchers have discovered some metals actually cause sharks to be "repulsed" in salt water (if you live in a canal region with loads of Bull sharks, sorry)

Thanks Underwater Times for this story.

Sharks in captivity avoid metals that react with seawater to produce an electric field, a behavior that may help fishery biologists develop a strategy to reduce the bycatch of sharks in longline gear.

Shark bycatch is an increasing priority worldwide given diminished populations of many shark species, and because sharks compete with target species for baited lines, reducing fishing efficiency and increasing operating costs.

A recent study by NOAA scientists and colleagues on captive juvenile sandbar sharks showed the presence of an electropositive alloy, in this case palladium neodymium, clearly altered the swimming patterns of individual animals and temporarily deterred feeding in groups of sharks.

Shark Diver Hits 100,000,000!

Without a doubt the most watched shark diving video on You Tube right now was shot at Isla Guadalupe and we were in the middle of it in 2007 with white shark researcher-Mauricio Hoyos.

The video has hit over 100,000,000 views and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. It has also launched the career of aspiring wild animal show host Luke Tipple.

You may also know him as the Dive Operations Manager for Shark Diver and Islander Charters.

What made this video a hit?

Good question. This was a grand experiment in Web 2.0 for us here at Shark Diver. We knew that the right video at the right time with a compelling story would draw interest. It also had a lot to do with how this was marketed on the net.

Without giving too much away-having the right partners, in this case the boys from 689 Design, made all the difference. Adam and Zander are pure genius, they know what works, they know timing, and they (thanks to us) also know Great White sharks.

So, in case you're one of the few shark fans who have not seen the video, here it is yet again:

Island of The Great White Shark-Documentary

After 4 long years, many exciting moments in the field and some simply stunning footage, documentary filmmaker Richard Theiss has completed his well received film of great white sharks at Isla Guadalupe.

When Richard first approached us about a film we told him that we would work with him under two conditions:

1. The sharks would in no way be portrayed as mindless killers, which unfortunately is the standard for documentary work with great whites these days. Shark Diver has maintained a standard for film crews-turning down or redirecting 80% of offers due to questionable content.

2. The Mexican lead shark research that Shark Diver initiated and has fully supported at this pristine site be documented.

The team we put together included Dr.Felipe Galvan from CICIMAR and Dr. Peter Klimley from U.C Davis. Almost every other shark diving company since then has provided support to this groundbreaking project. They are, Horizon Charters , Nautilus Explorer, and Islander Charters. Without these companies help this project would have never been completed.

The result has been everything we had hoped for in a serious white shark documentary. The new Island of The Great White Shark website is up and some direct sales are available. For divers joining us this season at Isla Guadalupe we are including your own copy to go home with.

After all, it has been your continued support of Shark Diver that has allowed us to provide the financial assistance to the research team lead by Mauricio Hoyos for the past 4 years. Thanks!

Patric Douglas CEO