Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shark Free Marinas Fiji - 24 is a Good Number

Got an email from Mike in Fiji this week with more good news about shark conservation.

From the soft launch of the Shark Free Marina Initiative last year Mike (Da Shark) has shown how the concept works and it's broad appeal beyond US shores. Mostly due to his efforts the SFMI has grown to include a high percentage of local marinas in his region.

SFMI works with existing fisheries bases to educate and adjust behaviors of fishermen for the ultimate benefit of regional shark populations.

This week makes 24 marinas in Fiji who have joined the SFMI to ask local fishermen and sport fishermen not to bring dead sharks, or shark parts back to their marinas.

Adding to the list are:

Copra Shed Marina

Waitui Marina

The SFMI is an innovative shark conservation tool for use by anyone worldwide. The concept works and after a year of field testing has shown appeal not only in the USA but globally as well.

Regional shark conservation efforts start with initiatives that show metrics for success. SFMI endeavors to deliver lasting shark conservation and education, one marina at a time.