Friday, June 5, 2009

Shark Diving Gear - Must Have?

This industry blog get's a lot of emails each week. Here's one of the stranger ones:

Dear Sirs,

Aqua Nautas helmets are special helmets that any participant can use during any underwater activity.

With Aqua Nautas helmets, the participants will not need any regulators, scuba tanks, weights or any other diving gears, nor need to regulate their breaths. They can breathe normally just as breathing on the surface. Any ages of 12+ can use these helmets. Participants do not even have to take off their prescription glasses!

As we all know, Shark cage diving is an excellent and fun activity; but unfortunately it is limited mostly to scuba divers or people that know how to regulate their breath or snorkeling. This makes it difficult and fearsome for many other tourists/participants to enjoy this great activity. This is where our helmets can help increase your sales. Our helmets will give the opportunity to those feared or non experienced participants to do and enjoy this great activity easily.

In addition, by using our helmets, the participants faces and smiles will be completely visible in the pictures, thus this will also increase Photo/Video clip CD sales of your company. Aqua Nautas helmets can operate either with Scuba tanks or low pressure air compressors.

We believe that Aqua Nautas can be a great addition to your current excellent activity, and will increase your sales. I am attaching a picture for your reference

Please visit us for more information at

Should you wish to receive further information and pricing, please do not hesitate to reply to this very e mail, and we will gladly get back to you with a quotation.

Many thank in advance and looking forward to your kind reply.

Bardia Shahbakhshi