Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goblin girl on... shark jewelry!

February is such a boring month! I have no new findings of goblin sharks to report of. And I wasn't able to go to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) shark meeting in Manila last week - I still haven't seen what the outcome of the meeting was. And since I didn't go to the Philippines I didn't get to swim with whale sharks - which I've only wanted to do since I first saw Valerie Taylor do it on TV. I was maybe 4 years old then.

But then Thomas Sabo came and brightened my day. And no, I WISH I was sponsored by them, since they're not cheap, but I'm not.

I have lots of shark jewelry (check my own page for photos) so I kind of ignored the sharks when I saw them online, but the pendant is adorable! I definitely want one of those - the one without the rocks. The shark looks very happy. And as always, a lot of attention has been made to the small details.

So far, I only bought the submarine and the carrier - like the one the diver hangs on. The sub reminds me of Alvin (can you have a sub as an idol? In that case "he" is mine!) and it brightens up my dark and snowy days.