Sunday, February 24, 2008

White Shark Cafe TOPP's

In the news again-the team from TOPP's with more revealing data about the Great Whites of the Pacific. While the focus of this study is mostly on three populations off the California coast, our very own Isla Guadalupe population is on the same migration track.

Thanks in most part to the tracking efforts of Marine CSI we know that Guadalupe populations also join coastal populations off shore each season.

" The sharks spend months at the cafe, an area of about 600 square miles, but nobody knows what they're doing there. Even stranger, they dive up and down more than 1,300 feet every 10 minutes. They repeat the cycle over and over for days, a behavior they don't exhibit anywhere else."

This new data is perhaps some of the most exciting tracking data to come from these populations in a decade of research.

Tiger Beach Bahamas - Emergency Evac

There's word this morning from the Coast Guard navel station in Miami that a "survivor" has been airlifted from a commercial shark diving operation at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

While the details are thin right now the Coast Guard have confirmed that this was indeed a shark attack. They have also characterized the situation as "very serious".

We'll keep you updated.

Shark Cages: Worldwide Distribution

There's an old saying in the shark world "You only get one chance".

With that in mind Shark Diver has just shipped another complete set of shark cages...destined this time for the Caribbean.

Here's three reasons why we build and ship more shark cages than anyone else in the industry:

1. Quality. When it comes to commercial grade shark cages and divers well being we take care of business. "Safety" is not just a commercial tag line on our websites. In fact-our fabrication teams must also dive in the very cages they build for us. It's unique way to ensure quality control

2. Flotation. Floating cages need to be stable. That's why we engineered a flotation system that has been adopted by 99% of the entire Isla Guadalupe white shark fleet. Gone are the days of Home Depot PVC pipes that degrade in a marine environment. If you're going to trust your life to PVC you are working with the wrong crew. Our flotation systems come from a marine environment and are designed to last.

3. Shark Crews. All Shark Diver cages also come with seasoned shark crews to help you get the most out of your shark cage systems. We have traveled from Alaska to Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond with our private shark cages. Our cages are even currently in use in Tahiti.

Safety, Integrity, and Adventure. That's Shark Diver cage systems.