Friday, July 23, 2010

Shark Walker - The Gateway Commercial Shark Diving Drug

The Shark Walker. The industry could use about 100,000 of these spread across every major city on the planet. Imagine the conservation branding on these nifty gateway shark diving experiences?

Next stop? Isla Guadalupe.

Captain Bill - 20 Seconds of Fame

The clock is ticking...

I Just Gotta Say - Smart Conservation Messaging

Now THIS is smart conservation messaging and I like it. Fact is we have been hammering away at the Asian community with western conservation messaging for far too long. I am not convinced that non Asian spokespeople can change hearts and minds in Asia no matter how desperate or worthy the cause might be.

Engaging the global Asian community on their own terms, in their own language, confers respect and strategic understanding.

From Shark Savers?

Yes, and a radical departure from Shark Angels a conservation concept I (and many others) had a hard time wrapping my head around.

This PSA is the brain child of Wildsphere Productions.

Welcome to a steaming bowl of of smart conservation messaging, with hopes for second helpings soon. Nicely done.

California Shark Fishing and the IGFA

As a commercial shark diving operator and a shark conservationist I am unsure how long the IGFA can continue to run with a catch and kill model for record holding with sharks.

It would seem easy enough to apply a set of new catch and release standards for records that were incentivised by the fishing industry. Perhaps if the IGFA added a new category with an iPhone app that allowed fishermen to instantly record and send in their virtual sea?

The IGFA will soon find themselves in direct conflict with a host of newer and more activist shark conservation groups should they choose to stick to catch and kill modelling with sharks.

The ocean environment of 2010 is a different place from 1939 when the IGFA came into existence.

Perhaps now is the time for new thinking, and new directions?

Video here.

Shark Media Done Right USA Today

Nice to see USA Today running a well balanced commercial shark tourism piece this week. The ongoing development of Isla Mujeres into a world class whale shark destination (one might suggest THE destination) has been a quiet triumph for the entire industry.

As we have long said whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, represent instant tourism wherever they are found in concentrations that allow divers a 90% chance of encounters.

This mornings news from Mexico affirms the best of what the industry has to offer.