Saturday, November 8, 2008

When "measuring tape" will not do

Found in our inbox this morning-thanks Erica!

You're walking down the beach and a local surf fishermen catches a shark. The guy turns to you and says proudly, standing in a pile of empty Coors Light cans, "So, how big d'ya think that sucker is?"

And you reply "I dunno, my kids two feet long..."

Classic. The kids face pretty much sums up the entire encounter.

Chumslick Blog-Lighting Fires and Kicking Tires

Atlantis Dubai

Editors Note: The Chumslick Blog (written by an actual shark) is a personal favorite of ours as they "call it like it is" and are not hamstrung by CW or inflamitory wording. Case on point this weeks rant about the Dubai A.Q whose questionable incarceration of Sammy the Shark has lead to nothing short of a revolution in that closed nation...Viva La Revolution, sometimes you just gotta drop a few F-Bombs to make a point:

Weeks ago, the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai claimed that they received an order by an unnamed United Arab Emirates government agency demanding that they release Sammy the 13-foot Whale Shark they have held captive on display since early-September. Not only haven't they released the Whale Shark, which is a protected species and much too large for its enclosure, but they haven't indicated their plan to release the Shark. At this point, it is clear that the order to release the Shark was simply a Public Relations stunt intended to get more paying visitors into the exhibit while at the same time placating environmentalists. We got news for you assholes--we are not that stupid. The longer the Atlantis Hotel holds Sammy in captivity, the harder it will be for Sammy to transition back to the wild where she belongs. The Atlantis Hotel never received the proper permits to put Sammy on display in the first place and is in violation of international law.

There is really nothing else we can say about the Atlantis Hotel...FUCK THE ATLANTIS HOTEL.

Sammy Shark

It feels good to be blogging Sharks again, Chumslick.