Thursday, March 26, 2009

Island of The Great White Shark Documentary - U.K

Island of the Great White Shark is a pro-shark, pro-industry, documentary by RTSea Productions. It has been shown to rave reviews across the United States and has recently began it's european tours.

This week IGWS was featured in UK's Lifestyle Magazine. The article is touches many of the standard conservation themes cementing the role of eco tourism at Isla Guadalupe, in tandem with ongoing and supported shark research, as a template for worldwide shark diving operations.

Kudos to Richard for this film and to the many operators at Isla Guadalupe who had a hand in it's creation. Without the ongoing support of forward thinking shark operations these kinds of films cannot be made.

Sadly, major media sources remain uninterested in straight talk films about sharks that celebrate, as commercial shark diving operators do, the beauty - not the "beast" of the shark.

Read the article online here pages 8-9.

Bollywood and Sharks - Odd Combination

Perhaps the most talked about shark production in the past ten years wrapped in the Bahamas last year.

The new multi million dollar Bollywood epic "Blue" features underwater sequences with up to 40 sharks at the same time. Shot on location at Stuarts Cove we cannot wait to see this unlikely fusion of Bollywood dance numbers and...sharks.

Like adding raisins and bananas to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - and then deep frying the whole thing.

Don't knock it until you have tried it:

Bollywood macho men, two sizzling beauties and one Australian pop diva didn't seem a tough bet for debut director Anthony D'Souza, wielding the megaphone for 40 sharks for an underwater action sequence for Blue surely gave him the jitters.

"The scariest part of Blue' was in fact the sharks. Getting them to act in my film was not easy," said D'Souza.

The particular scene with sharks has actors Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar and Zayed Khan in the frame and it called for a lot of safety measures.

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