Thursday, August 18, 2011

Private Yacht Shark Diving Services - Shark Diver

Shark Diver offers all inclusive shark diving and support services for mega yachts worldwide, specializing at Isla Guadalupe, the South Pacific, and the Bahamas.

Our yacht services are geared towards adventure diving and pristine shark encounters.

Based in California and Florida, we are ideally positioned to comprehensively support luxury mega yachts who desire to engage in safe shark diving and specialized dive charters with additional destinations available.

Shark Diver was the first commercial shark diving company to offer mega yacht services in 2004 with a private cage system build out on the M/Y Triton and shark diving services to Alaska with Salmon Sharks (Lamna ditropis). Our dive crews and support vessels maintain the highest safety and proven track record for animal encounters and we remain the premier shark and adventure diving and cage build service provider.

At Isla Guadalupe your white shark experience is our highest priority. Changes in vessel permitting at this remarkable site have made these experiences more challenging for yachts, we can help you with the process.

Shark Diver commercial shark diving yacht services are comprehensive with an eye towards value and safety.

Dive Management Services Worldwide

  • Shark cage fabrication, sales, and service
  • Full line dive equipment gear, sales and service
  • Hyperbaric sales and training
  • High pressure, air, nitrox, mixed gas sales and service
  • Custom dive lockers
  • Dive training, management services, open water through trimix rebreather
  • Submersible sales, service, and training
  • New build construction and refit

Yacht Dive Management Services

  • Voyage planning
  • Dive site pre-planning and expedition development
  • Hiring and coordination of all local agents
  • Screening and selection of local guides and dive crews
  • Land based tour arrangement
  • Local comprehensive security coordination

Port Services

  • Cruising permits
  • Customs and Immigration Visas
  • Bunkering Marine Fuel
  • Yacht Supplies
  • Vessel Support Technical support
  • Logistics Freight forwarding

Not everyone loved our Gillette commercial?

Shakespere once said "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players," now I highly doubt many within the shark community read The Bard, in fact I know they don't.

But for those who do this video will be as amusing to you as it was to us. Yes, as it turns out not everyone loved our Gillette commercial this year. Although it was seen by one of the largest televised audiences outside of the Superbowl and even won a prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival.

But when it come to "Charks and Chaving" this young lady does bring up several good points which we took into this weeks latest production meeting.


Any DeHart Spokesman For Sharks - NBC Today

Andy DeHart is the director of biological programs for the National Aquarium, Washington, D.C., as well as Discovery Channel shark adviser. As such we have been rather dubious of Andy's shark motivations after seeing him on Shark Week for a few seasons pitching what amounted to an ongoing and horrific shark attack blood fest in 2009.

But as they say, "you don't know a fellow until you have seen him on NBC's Today Show," at least that's what someone said in our office this morning.

Responding to a recent shark attack and unfortunate death in the Seychelles this week Andy offers up a well balanced, truly fact based assessment of shark and human interactions without the usual strong armed attempts to recast sharks as anything else but what they are, predators.

If you're looking for talking points about sharks, shark attacks, and counter points to the medias persistent bias and 1970's view on sharks, watch this mornings interview, it's about as good as it gets.