Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MythBusters - Filming and Swimming with Sharks

In our industry you get to work with some very unique and remarkable people.

Some more than others

This spring Luke Tipple dive operations manager for Shark Diver and crew kept Jamie and Adam-The MythBusters-out of harms way at Tiger Beach, Bahamas while they explored the wild world of sharks.

The show was a complete success as the following video from "the boys" will attest:

Mythbusters Talk Sharks

Is it any wonder why this show is one of the most popular on Discovery?

From the crew here at Shark Diver-Thanks guys!

Sharks at 3300'-Molokai Hawaii

Got an an email from Andrew Krebs-Smith over at the National Aquarium in Baltimore this morning. They have an ongoing blog and keep in touch with us. We're always on the lookout for sharky content. He sent the following video link over, it's an oldie, but what a video:

Shark’s bite more powerful than T. Rex’s

We don't normally cover Megalodon those 50 foot monster sharks that once "owned" the earths oceans over 100 million years ago.

The reason? With the exception of a few plate sized teeth our divers keep showing us these animals are the stuff of myth and legend. Researchers don't even know what they looked like.

Fast forward to this week. Using CAT scans of modern day Great whites (now you're talking) researchers are now suggesting these ancient sharks had a simply stunning bite force, able to take the tails completely off their 120 foot prey.

As soon as time travel is invented, and perfected, Shark Diver will be leading the pack in Megalodon Dive Adventures-oh yeah!