Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Salmon Shark Washes Ashore - Pacifica California

Often mistaken for baby white sharks, salmon sharks (Lamna ditropis) occasionally wash ashore along the coast of California. This one was just a pup, if you want to see the adult version you need to find yourself in Alaska in August during the prime time feeding event for these 10 foot long cousins of the great white:

Monday Aug 23, 2010. 1st hot day of the summer in Pacifica, CA. It's around 7pm and it's too nice to go straight home after weeks and weeks of fog. We go walking along the waterfront in the West Sharp Park neighborhood, near the Pacifica Pier. All of sudden, everybody notices something that looks like a seal coming in with the tide. But it's not a seal.

Mangroves for Fiji - Industry Leadership

Over the past three years we have said a lot about Da Shark and his operation in Fiji.

Industry leadership comes in many forms. Getting out ahead of the pack with smart ideas and front running initiatives are the hallmarks of leadership.

Beqa Adventure Divers are one of those companies where leadership comes naturally and today revealed their latest project in Fiji.

Carbon sequestering is a major issue facing the planet right now, and while multi national companies like GE are looking at high tech solutions, millions of years ago the planet came up with a few of her own. In the process provided shark nurseries, habitat, and a natural buffer against hurricanes.

The lowly Mangrove.

Easy to propagate, simple to plant, and the planets ultimate natural Carbon sequestering device.

This effort has our full support because it makes sense on many different levels. Mangrove habitat has been reduced worldwide to coastal development and aquaculture.

This initiative just might help stem the tide when the realization that Mangroves will provide a reduction in carbon footprints to commercial interests along with many other benefits ranging from fish stocks to coastal stabilization.

Starting with Fiji and a commercial shark diving company.