Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shark Free Marinas - Sport Fishing Magazine

Sustainable shark conservation efforts begin with "One". All it takes is one person with one idea to begin an entire conservation movement.

We would like to salute Doug Olander from Sportfishing Magazine this month for being that "One".

The sport fishing industry in the USA has many industry leaders, those few visionaries that are not afraid to take on serious conservation issues and talk about them.

Doug is one of those leaders and this month wrote full page editorial in Sport Fishing Magazine about the Shark Free Marinas Initiative and others who are working to protect and promote sharks as a sustainable resource.

Unfortunately for Destin Florida they are too late to hear the industry news and act on it. But we have next year and hopefully they will eventually come around to realize that sharks are worth more if we manage them sustainably and not as one time takes for jaws, images and fins.

Kudos to all those who have been the "One" this year from Fiji to the Bahamas and Massachusetts.