Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Slash And Nigel Barker Join Celebrity Charity PSA For Shark Protection

Slash with Luke Tipple the Director of the Shark-Free Marinas initiative in 2011.

When celebrities get together behind a worthy cause only good things happen as is the case with the SFMI and a new series of PSA's highlighting the sport take of sharks in the USA and worldwide.

What began as a good conservation idea has, in the capable hands of Luke Tipple and What We Do Media, become so much more.

Kudos to the early adopters who, without their support, this enterprise for sharks might not have gotten off the ground and to the Humane Society USA for their backing and support.

Join the Shark-Free Marinas in your state and help save sharks one marina at a time. Together we can put a dent in the estimated 200,000 sharks needlessly killed each year in the United States alone and help fishermen discover the sustainable option of catch and release shark fishing.

Would You Buy a Nook from This Guy?

One of the joys of having an iPhone 4 is the ability to snap shots like these, or perhaps it's a burden - the jury is still out on that.

This character was selling Nooks at the local Barnes and Noble book store the other day. You might remember that Barnes and Noble is close to bankruptcy for reasons that go well beyond the economy.

Back to the Nook Dude.

Dressed in his finest Harry Potter meets Friday the 13th Freddy Sweater I was summoned to his counter top with a witty, "Hey ya wanna see a Nook?" come on line.

Actually, I didn't want to see his Nook, nor did I care for the sweater. In fact I found the whole set up threateningly anti-Nook.

Look folks if you're going to sell some high tech gizmo, especially to passers-by like me, dress your Nook crew for success.

Also let's try a different sales line, like, I dunno, "What, you're still using paper?" anything but what I was subjected to last week.

Epomis Beetle vs Bufo bufo - Smackdown

Folks over at Tel Aviv University discovered a critter that eats toads, salamanders, frogs and just about any amphibian it comes across, employing stealth and a particularly toxic venom.

They even made a video of a classic predation by an insect called the Epomis beetle.

Warning: If you have a soft spot for Bufo bufo this video is not for you, read about the research study here: