Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Isla Guadalupe Shark Week - Best Ever?

Up close and personal - Kinga Phillips (click to see)
Dive Operations Manager Martin Graf is just back in port long enough to file this quick report with a couple of images for divers joining us for the 2012 white shark season.

Sounds like they just lit the fuse on the biggest white shark opener ever!

August 11th: We are boarding the M/V Horizon in San Diego, eager to dive with Great White Sharks at Isla Guadalupe

For me this marks the start of the 11th season diving with these magnificent creatures and I wonder who will be there? Did the regulars make it back? I guess we will see.

August 13th: We had a pretty smooth ride down here, the cages are in the water, the divers ready ..... and the Sharks? 
 8:40am: "White Shaaaaaaaaaaark!"  Chugey is here! He's a 15+ ft male that we have seen every year since 2004. It looks like he got into a fight. His face isn't looking too pretty!
Noon:  All I have to say is "WOW!" Unbelievable! We had at least 7 different Sharks this morning! We can't possibly top this! 
Evening: Well, we did top the morning! 11 different Sharks! 3 at the cage at once. Great up and close encounters. A couple actually touched the cage. The Russian, Schmitty and Bite Face are back as well. It looks like Bite Face lost his transmitter (more from Patric later) and now we have prime rib for dinner. That's what I call a perfect day! 
PS Bruce, a 16+ ft male just swam by the boat!

August 14: Who said it couldn't get any better?  12 different Sharks today. Tapikul, Thor, Big, and Flipkin made their first appearance of the season. Phenomenal action all day!
August 15th: We had another good morning, with 5 sharks showing up and now we're packing up to make our way home. 

What an incredible "Shark Week" here's to the start of 2012!

Martin Graf
Dive Operations Manager
Shark Diver
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