Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shark Cage Diving - From the Shameless Commerce Division

The original Shark Diver Shark Crew T-Shirt.

Battle tested over the past decade by our crews against weather, white sharks, tigers, whale sharks, deep water critters and the odd hammerhead in remote places.

This is the 100% cotton crew t-shirt and we now have a new shipment in. Our last shipment was sold out in three weeks thanks to the guys at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton!

We have them in large and XL with a few smalls kicking about the offices as well.

Perfect for your next shark expedition with Shark Diver, or that next shark themed backyard BBQ this summer, or the shark fan in your life.

The left front breast says Shark Crew in big letters.

Cost $25.00 with shipping.

To get one - or twenty - email us at

Let's go shark diving!