Sunday, March 22, 2009

Murray the "Little Monster" - Op Ed

Well lookee here. Just when you think Floridians are incapable of any "nuanced thought" concerning sharks and conservation, along comes writer Ed Killer (seriously that's his name) and an Op Ed worthy of any shark conservation NGO:

The great shark debate: To kill or not to kill

Nothing generates a media sensation like a shark. A shark bite, a dead shark, a shark migration, aerial spinner sharks, Shark Week — ratings grabbers all.

This week, it was a shark caught by Aidan Murray Medley, 13. The young teen made NewsChannel 5 when word reached producers of his Tuesday catch of a 340-pound bull shark off Palm Beach. Last year, Medley also made the news when he reeled in a 551-pound bull shark.Both sharks were killed — brought in and hung at Sailfish Marina as trophy catches. Medley said he mounted last year's shark and will mount this one, too.

The news generated as much interest for its controversy as for its subject. Not only are we fascinated by terror-inducing man-eaters, but we love debating the ethics of when it's considered OK to kill one.

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Editors Note: Parents, beware not letting your young sons meet girls. The results can sometimes be troubling, as is the case with young master Murray here.