Sunday, December 19, 2010

Red Truck on the "Big D" Video

Occasionally, I'll post images of the titanically big fish that have graced my rigs on the "Big D".

When the fishing is this good you'll travel miles to get it and a Big D delivers time and again. 8-12lb 30 inch plus Steelhead are the draw with line clearing runs that leave you gasping for breath.

Some of these animals are two and three salts, really smart fish.

My favorite online fly fishing gear company Red Truck posted another in a series of amazing fly fishing videos. If you want to know what Steelheading is all about, look no further, and welcome to one of my favorite rivers, the Big D:

Stingray City Caymans - Operators Pull Out Barbs

After months of heated wrangling operators at Stingray City in the Cayman Islands have come to an agreement over site use protocols, tourism distribution, and animal care.

Just in time too, as the local situation by all accounts was getting to the point where police had to be called in to separate feuding operators. At dispute were price cuts, non regulated site drop ins, and animal stunts that had operators lifting animals out of the water, and feeding animals mouth to mouth.

This weeks final meeting was heated again, but the new rules and regulations agreed upon by the majority should be beneficial for all parties - including the stingrays.

Complete Report.