Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stephen Colbert - Sharks Love You

Think of him as the "Dixie Chicks for Sharks". When Stephen Colbert starts talking about Shark Week you know something has gone horribly wrong in the programming department.

As we pointed out last week "Discovery Networks cannot sell fear and loathing of sharks...and then push for conservation."

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Kudos to Chum Slick for the find.

Chlamydoselachus africana

David Ebert and Leonard Compagno.

"Chlamydoselachus africana, a new species of frilled shark from southern Africa
(Chondrichthyes, Hexanchiformes, Chlamydoselachidae)"


Frilled sharks (Chondrichthyes, Hexanchiformes, Chlamydoselachidae), long
believed to be a monotypic family and genus, consisting of a single wide
ranging species, Chlamydoselachus anguineus (Garman, 1884), is now known to
contain at least two species. A new species of frilled shark,
Chlamydoselachus africana, sp. nov., is described from five specimens
collected from southern Africa. The new species, although difficult to
distinguish externally from the well known C. anguineus, differ internally
by the structural differences in the chondrocranium, lower total vertebral
and spiral valve counts, and pectoral-fin radial counts. The new species,
Chlamydoselachus africana, is known from off southern Angola, Namibia, and
South Africa.

Zootaxa 2173: 1–18 (2009).