Monday, January 24, 2011

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - A Visual Representation

Da Shark over in Fiji is a hopeful man. Last week he posted an in depth look at how the Atlantic Bluefin tuna might be managed without big EU subsidies, ending his post on this note, "It is not too late - not for the Tuna and not for the Sharks!".

We're in agreement about the sharks as this fishery encompasses a myriad of species and is a global phenomenon.

But Bluefin tuna? Sadly this might be the end of the species in the wild.

When word leaked out that a single Atlantic Bluefin sold for for 32.49 million yen, the highest price paid for a single fish since records began in Japan this year we went looking for a video representation of the Bluefin tuna fishery in general.

Thanks to the BBC, we didn't have to wait long: