Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ralph Collier-You want to know what's going on?

A few years ago we hosted shark expert Ralph Collier aboard our vessel at Isla Guadalupe. He then came back the next year and did a quick field test on some promising non invasive shark repellent devices.

Ralph also has one of the most indepth websites that keeps track of shark sightings and shark attacks along the California coast. Here's the latest:

Malibu — On September 21, 2008 Gina S. and her husband were walking along the beach below the RV Park located between Pepperdine University and Paradise Cove near Malibu. It was about 5 PM with a sunny sky and a slight breeze. Gina reported:

“While walking along the beach my husband and I observed 3 sea lions 30 – 40 yards from shore with a small pod of dolphins about 20 yards to the East of the sea lions. The dolphins seemed to be remaining in the same location possibly feeding. There was one lone sea lion at the surface about 30 yards South of the others. While looking at the lone sea lion suddenly the huge head of a Great White Shark surfaced next to the seal and took a large bite out of the animal. The shark was dark grey and at least 10 – 12 feet in length with a dorsal fin 12 – 16 inches high. The attack occurred just beyond the forming waves and lasted only a minute or less. Following the initial bite, there was a lot of splashing and then all went quite. Sea gulls began diving on the attack site as if they were feeding. The shark submerged and neither the shark nor the bitten sea lion were observed again.”

Caution should be exercised when utilizing this location for your ocean water activities. Please report any shark sighting, encounter, or attack to the Shark Research Committee.

Sharks-Whoa-How Did This Slip By?!

According to credible sources on the Internet a small Blacktip shark was found washed up in Lake Michigan.

Before all you Global Warming loons scream "Seeee, it's because of da warming" (don't get us wrong G.W is happening, but not right here) let us dissect this "tail" a bit further for you (we love doing this).

1. Blacktips (Carcharhinus limbatus) are saltwater critters

2. Lake Michigan is a filthy polluted fresh water body

3. There's no frickin' way this critter lived in these waters

Summation: Someone probably had a Blacktip in a home aquarium that died and decided to add a #3 Halibut hook as "bling" and then hucked it into the lake under cover of darkness and under the influence of a 3/4 case of Coors Light.

You will discover, as we have, that most shark killing miscreants drink Coors Light. We're not sure why that is the case, but take it from us-a credible Internet Source, that is the case.

The red nose on this guy and a fake look of concern is a dead giveaway and more than suspicious.

Shark Conservation? Anyone? Anyone?

Got an email from Dan who's a regular contributor. Dan runs a private yacht charter business in Miami and for obvious reasons would like to remain-"just Dan":

Hey Shark Divers,

This was sent to me today maybe you can use it to help save sharks or something.

Tight lines,
Captain Dan

Editors Note: Mother of god man, it took us all of 5 minutes to even realise she was standing next to something and another 5 minutes to realise it was a big seal...or something (click image). Not sure how this works into shark conservation, but heck we'll run with it.

Save the sharks from humiliations like these!

Sand Tigers Part Two-Hit Men

We got the following video from Chris over at our new favourite underwater site Squidforce who posted another incident with a Sand Tiger. It's sad really, we always knew these toothy critters were hiding a dark secret. Without a doubt if you happen to be another shark in the same aquarium and you don't want to go all "Tupoc" keep your back to the wall and don't let your eye off that Tiger for a second: