Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fan of the Shark PSA Joe Romeiro and Mike Reiser

We have been watching the media career of Joe Romeiro for the past few years and along with most of the shark community were amazed at his video Nina Salerosa.

That particular video short was bar setting stuff.

As it turns out Joe is doing Blue sharks (Prionace glauca) on the east coast, our own blues here off California have been virtually wiped out in less than a decade of rampant fishing pressure.

Along with him this month was new shark shooter Michael Reiser, who produced this short shark PSA while managing to impart the grace and beauty of the Blue shark, nicely done:

Bahamas Dealing in Shark Leadership

Add another win in the "March for Sharks" around the globe this week, with the Bahamas moving to enact stringent new fishing protections for sharks.

(Image at Tiger Beach 2011, hooked Lemon shark)

The effort was kicked off by the Bahamas National Trust, Pew Trusts, and Guy Harvey with some help along the way from a variety of sharky sources including some industry help and outreach as well.

We have been fans of this effort from the get go but as Da Shark cautions this is only the beginning as nothing is set in concrete just yet:

The law needs to be drafted, gazetted and signed by the Minister, and then comes the really hard part. Yes once again I'm talking about putting in place all the necessary legal, human and financial resources that are required for its successful enforcement - it will take time, it will be challenging, there will be setbacks and the various players will have their mettle tested. But I am hopeful, the more as the BNT and the dive industry are already working together on education and outreach. Only by changing the public's mind set will the legislation endure in the long term.

Truer words have yet to be spoken on the matter. Kudos to everyone who had a hand in this effort, for every email, phone call, PSA, and group of shark divers introduced to the Sharks of the Bahamas.