Friday, October 21, 2011

Lionfish Invasion? Bring on the Panko Crust!

Guy Harvey "Invasive Gourmet" 2011
We wrote a small but rather viral piece on the Lionfish invasion in the Bahamas and solutions for it a few months back.

While the piece elicited a few chuckles and more than a few raised eyebrows the concept behind invasive species and creating markets for them are sound.

It's something that Guy Harvey understands and this week he unveiled his signature Invasive Species Grill in the Bahamas.

Think of it as taking a bite out of an invasive species problem and helping at the same time take the pressure off regional species like Grouper and Hogfish.

It's brilliant, easy to adopt, and the right solution to a regional invasive species epidemic that is harming the Caribbean.

Now all Guy and Co have to do is package these tasty Lionfish Nuggets and get them into Trader Joes all over America.

If you want to try these at home and happen to have a Lionfish problem in your backyard here's the recipe, it's does not stop here, try your own and share them on Facebook, together we can rid the oceans of the Lionfish, one tasty fried nugget at a time:

Lionfish Nuggets:
  • 4 oz of Lionfish
  • Flour
  • 1 cup liquid egg
  • Panko breadcrumb
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Cajun seasoning
In 3 separate bowls place your liquid egg, flour and breadcrumb. Cut Lionfish into small bite sized pieces and season with salt & Pepper & Cajun seasoning. Dip pieces into flour, shake off excess flour, and then dip into liquid egg and then into Panko breading. Once covered in the breading they are ready to take a long hot bath in some hot oil at 325 degrees until crispy golden brown.

The Official Shark Divers :: Guadalupe Island 2011

August 2011, Isla Guadalupe
The 2011 white shark season at Isla Guadalupe is winding down with just a few more weeks of incredible shark encounters and thrilled divers from around the world.

Once more Isla Guadalupe has delivered the finest combination of animals and education.

Here's a small sampling of the faces and trip reports from the 2011 white shark season. There's more to come and we haven't yet called an end to the fun.

"Day  two had gotten off to a great start, but it got even better, when a few hours later, we had a juvenile get a little frisky with our cage. Seeing a great white that close to the cage, mouth open, ready to have a go, was priceless!  I could not have asked for more!"

- Michelle M
September 2011, Isla Guadalupe

"Shredder is definitely the comedian of the shark world!  Occasionally he would give a smaller shark the chance to say hello but chased them off the minute he felt he was missing the attention of his adoring public.  For eight hours he was cruising around the boat and cages and once the cages had been lifted for the night, he breached next to the boat almost as if to say, ‘hey guys, what are you doing, I’m still here!’  Apparently this was the best ‘sharking’ day of the season so far as 13 different sharks were identified."

- Bev D

"Most importantly, every member of the crew seemed to be there because they love the sharks and love what they do.  They made sure we had almost as much fun out of the cages as in them."

- Sarah F

As we wind down 2011 and look forward to 2012 we have to give a big kudo to our divers and the entire crew of the M/V Horizon.

October 2011, Isla Guadalupe
For the past decade the Horizon and crew have been the longest running dive operation at Isla Guadalupe.

The first vessel to ever do shark cage diving at this remarkable dive site and we are proud to be working with them still - after all these years.

And to our new minted Shark Divers and to all those who have come before them. It is your good cheer, lust for adventure, and love of sharks that has allowed Shark Diver to be the company that it is today.

We honor all those with a dream and say, "If you dream, dream big".

To those who fly halfway around the world, to those who have saved every penny for the past two years in a jar, and to those whose experience with the white sharks of Guadalupe have lead them to  help save sharks around the planet.

You are Shark Diver, and we are proud of you all!