Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sphyrna mokarran feeding time - Florida

Hat Tip: The Dorsal Fin blog for the amazing video find.

Gives a whole new meaning to catch and release...and recycle:

The LAST Space 2010 Isla Guadalupe - Seriously

We have been sold out for the 2010 white shark season at Isla Guadalupe for many months.

The 2010 season has been one of double digit white shark days, great weather, and thrilled divers.

Our Oct 29-03 departure has one last minute space that just opened.

One of our returning shark divers has developed a scheduling conflict and cannot join us, so this is your chance.

If you have been wanting to join us and cannot wait until 2011, please contact us at Shark Diver.

Lets go shark diving!