Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moments like these...

We could all use a few more of, as free divers basked in this remarkable encounter with Humpbacks in the South Pacific:

This is the unbelievable moment a diver came face to face with a 50ft female humpback whale, as she swam in the South Pacific.

Cameraman Marco Queral, who has dedicated the last 17 years of his life to ocean photography, looked awe inspiringly small, as he dived along side one of great giants of our seas.

More images.

Isla Guadalupe - August 2009 - Shark City

The crew of Shark Diver have had a busy month. Most of our crew are at Guadalupe island with our divers, others are also at the island on "special projects" this year.

After a noticeably slow start to the 2009 shark season - the first in eight years out here - it would seem we're back in business with typical animal numbers and encounters each day.

When we get emails from divers like this one, we know 2009 is once again going to be a stellar year:

Good afternoon Guys,

I'd like to thank you for an incredible experience with Shark Diver. The Horizon staff were phenomenal and went above and beyond their duties to make me (all of of us I hope) feel safe and prepared for what was to come. Jeff "The Deckhand" and Mark "The Greenhorn" made the experience seem as if I grew up them and they were buddies of mine sharing another adventure with me.

Mark's choice of menu and skillful cooking kept my appetite more than satisfied and I can't even imagine what the trip would've been like without his help with my motion sickness. Martin's expertise in both water/scuba equipment and jokes let me know if anything unexpected happened, he was ready... and some. Spencer and Cary kept us company when they could and I'm grateful they were able to get us there and back safely.

I would like to be notified of other adventures Shark Diver provides in the future. Please keep me posted. Thanks again so much!!!


Isidore Rodriguez
A Very Satisfied Customer