Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sea Monsters-This Ain't No Unicorn Shark Kids!

We love our blog, especially on days like these.

Today's news, sent into to us by blog reader Dave Harper, is from the Jersey shore-some sort of beaked half pit bull half...WTF!?

We're not exactly sure what this thing is but the image alone is enough to keep us up at night. You just gotta zoom in on the head for that extra creep factor.

Oh, and by the way, if you think this could not possibly wash ashore "as is" we'll remind you of the crazy Unicorn Shark we have been blogging about for the past three months.

The ocean is a scary place kids, always swim faster than your buddy.

Shark Week Gets Dirty-Shark Vivisections?

Mike Rowe's upcoming 2008 Shark Week show will feature an "in depth" look into the mysterious Greenland Shark:

Shark gutting lures TV crew

It's enough to turn you off sushi for good.

In the name of science, University of Windsor's Aaron Fisk hauls monster Greenland sharks out of the frigid Arctic depths, then guts them to see what they had for dinner.

Somebody has to do it, says Fisk. And it's why Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs came calling last spring.

Editors Note: The sharks and film crew were under the guidance of an ongoing research project headed up by the University of Windsor's shark team lead by Dr. Aaron Fisk.